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A tool that helps ensure that your hard drive is running optimally
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Hard Drive Inspector is a system management tool that helps ensure that your hard drive is running optimally so that all your information is safe. Its primary function is to keep your disk protected through preventative measures so that you never have to worry about losing all the media files, documents, passwords, and other information contained on it.

Hard Drive Inspector works by assessing the health and performance of your hard drive and any external drives. You can see how well these drives are performing through the diagnostic menu, which gives a status update regarding the following components: drive reliability, performance, error resistance, and temperature. This menu is useful, as it gives you a feel of how well your drives are performing and also lets you know if you’re at risk for losing your data to a crash.

Hard Drive Inspector gives a complete breakdown of your drives and their technical information. The S.M.A.R.T. Details tab will let you know just how well your drive is performing at specific functions, letting you get an overall understanding of the health and longevity of your drives. Additionally, the program allows you to generate and save reports in HTML and TXT formats.

Hard Drive Inspector is a simple and straightforward program that does what it’s advertised to do. While it’s not very practical to run the program on computers that are relatively new, seeing the diagnostic results of your drives can be a good motivator to schedule routine backups.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Provides detailed information about the health of your hard drives
  • Works on local and external drives
  • Generates reports
  • Its interface is straightforward and intuitive


  • No disadvantages found
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